Tuesday, April 15, 2014

SPIDEY SUPER STORIES! The "Other" Giant Man! 1980 Marvel Comics Madness!

Long-time readers of this little blog are familiar with the lengthy and confusing history of Ant Man/Giant Man/Goliath/YellowJacket (click here if you dare), but, just to add to the head-scratching, here is yet another version of the jolly Giant Man character! Torn savagely from the Pop Tart-stained pages of a 1980 issue of SPIDEY SUPER STORIES, here is a different version of the "Bill Foster" Giant Man, wearing the original 60s red-and-blue costume, instead of his then-new garb! The SPIDEY comic was aimed squarely at very young readers, and wasn't concerned with continuity or hardcore fan interest, but, really, how many "Giant Men" do we need? Click to enlarge!

Above: Things kick right off in this introduction of the character, right 
inside the comic's front cover! The origin is spot-on, if very simplified, 
but what's with the old costume?!

Above: A portion of the interior tale, with this
oddball oversized superhero! Art by Win Mortimer!

Above: The boisterous back cover, once again
throwing a spotlight on the ginormous giant! 

Above: From a year earlier, here is the debut of the "70s Giant Man," and
a look at his groovy togs! So, why the change later for that SPIDEY
issue?  FUN FACT: To add to the confusion, this version of GM actually
debuted a few years earlier as "Black Goliath," in yet another outfit,
and….Oh, never mind...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Superlative 70s SPIDER-MAN Sunday Strips! Loomis and the Lunatic! 1979 Marvel Magic!

Last time, we watched a desperate Spider-Man close in on the evil cult leader called Loomis! Getting the goods on the goofy guru has been tough, but it seems that the wondrous Wall-Walker now has the info he needs! But--Is it too late for Spidey to save his girlfriend, still under the sway of this sinister Svengali? What does Robbie now know? And--How does Lombard, the escaped lunatic (from a few strips back), figure into this whole sordid scenario? Yet another fabulous 1979 Spidey daily strip line-up, from the hands of Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr.! Click below to enlarge!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Rare 1991 Captain America Comic Shop Wall Display! Kevin Maguire! Avengers!

Take a lingering look at this oddball piece of Marvel history! Below is the original art for a comics-shop-only wall display, featuring the awesome art of Kevin Maguire (with inks by Joe Rubinstein)! This powerful poster was a tumultuous tie-in to the timely (heh) ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA mini-series, also drawn by Maguire, and was seen on the walls of many a comics emporium in the early 90s! Click below to enlarge!

BONUS! Click below to take a peek at the rare and wondrous wall display itself, now residing in my studio! Thanks to the unforgetable generosity of former shop owners Scott and Todd Rorie, I now own this handsome (and humongous) 3-D poster!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Big Boffo BATMAN Blast! 1966 Rarities, Pics, and Songs! "The RiddlerMobile?!?" DC Comics!

Here we go again, with another look at the bat-tastic 1966 BATMAN ABC-TV show! Click below for more oddities, pics, and goodies!

Above: A thirsty Adam West ("Batman") between
scenes, taking direction on the outdoor lot in 1966!

Above: Adam West meets yet another excited set visitor! Note his appropriation
of the chair reserved for co-star Alan Napier ("Alfred")!

Above: A terrific 1967 article announces the addition of "Batgirl" to the series, in the
pretty person of actress Yvonne Craig! Note the initial idea to romantically link the character
with Batman/Bruce Wayne, a notion never fully pursued on the show!

Above: A letter from car customizer George Barris, to the heads of the
BATMAN program (and DC Comics licensing), nudging them in the direction
of adding more kooky Bat-vehicles to the show! Sure, a kind of "Jokermobile" and 

"Catmobile" appeared in the series, but never were pushed beyond a few appearances.
Of course, dollar signs were the motivation for all concerned, but it woulda been
interesting to see each Bat-foe piloting their own personalized vehicles!

Above: Batmania turns up in the oddest places! Dig this early 70s teen
fashion mag! The Batcycle appears in a photo spread spotlighting the latest
must-have threads! Well, it sure caught your eye, didn't it?

Above: On the BATMAN set with singer/actress Donna Loren, who
played "Susie" in two well-recalled Joker-centric episodes!

Above: A nifty 1985 piece on the daring doings of Burt Ward ("Robin")!
My mom clipped this from a local hometown North Carolina paper, sending
it to me in art school in--Sarasota, Florida! And, no, I never saw
Burt's touring show then!

BAT BONUS! Click below to hear a cute little ditty, LOOK OUT FOR THE BATMAN! This is one of the lead cuts on the very rare 1966 "Batman Musical Stories" Tifton LP!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Word on Watermarks.

OK. A few (very few) "fans" have written in, with angry e-mails about the inclusion of my handsome little "Big Glee" watermark, seen embossed on almost (but not all) images displayed here on my blog.

"Who do you think you are to claim ownership on these things?"

"You must have some ego!"

"You only steal images, then claim them as yours!"

Wrong. On all counts.

The images here are mostly from my collection (others shared by fully-credited fans or fellow collectors) of very rare items. Items I could just sit on and never share, but are seen here, for fans of a like-minded nature.

But, why the watermark? Simple. These images get shared (and, yes, sometimes stolen) out of context from this blog, and I want site visits, not credit. I want eyes back on my blog so that it will generate money. Money that pays for hosting the images. For having the site. For having video. For hosting audio. It all costs me.

How many grand greenbacks do I rake in, using this oh-so-devious "watermarking/branding" scheme?

About fifteen cents a day. 

But, it helps to bring these things to you.

Oh. Add in my copious time finding, buying, scanning, color correcting, reformatting and "fixing," researching, writing,  posting…Yeah. That's in there, too.

So that's the whole, unglamorous, unexciting tale. Not very exciting, but here it is. It's just me trying to have a fun hobby, bringing rare treats to those who (I hope) will enjoy them!

Still angry over my little watermark?

I can only offer one suggestion.

Look elsewhere.

Spectacular Sunday SPIDER-MAN 70s Strips! "Your Heart Must Belong to-The Cult!" Marvelmania!

Last time, we saw the awful aftermath of a violent uprising by the Cult of Loomis! One of Spider-Man's best pals got a savage smack-down, until Spidey himself swung in to save the day! Now, the loopy Loomis sets his sinister sights on Spidey's girlfriend, as well as a plan to end the Wall-Crawler's interference! Can Spidey save his beloved Carole from the kooky cult? Will the sinful sect be exposed as the evil organization it truly is? And--Will "Jellybrain Jameson" ever see the light? More rare daily 1979 newspaper strips, from Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr.! Click below to enlarge, then web-whip over to here for the next full-color installment, Web-Heads!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

1977 MARVEL TEAM-UP Original Comic Art! Gil Kane (and Spider-Man) Strikes Back!

Here's yet another titanic pencil rough from the masterful hand of Gil Kane! This was done as prep for the cover to MARVEL TEAM-UP #62, a terrific 1977 ish (one of jocular John Byrne's first artistic efforts on Spidey), and it serves to showcase all of this issue's main characters, including the then-new Ms. Marvel! Lots of action, drama, movement, and fun, all on display here! Click below to enlarge, Frantic One!

Above, left: Gil Kane's pencil rough for the image, and (right) the finished
cover, with pencils by Gil and inks by Mike Esposito! Thanks again to
Mike Burkey for this image!